Brick And Mortar Staining

Written by Yves Eggleston

Masons can employ one of two procedures to beautify or completely transform the look of your home. These procedures are called brick & mortar staining and tinting. At Blueprint, we offer both services. Today, I’ll discuss the staining process.

Several companies manufacture stains that have been specially developed for use on most masonry surfaces, whether stone, mortar, brick, tile or grout, and cultured stone. The key in using these stains is that they can only be applied to porous surfaces (not sealed, painted or stained).

The product we use has been on the market for about 30 years, so it has withstood the test of time.  The colours are custom blended for a perfect match. Clients are always glad to learn that the product is non-toxic, odourless, fire-resistant and has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Brick & mortar stain applications include:

  • matching brick for repairs on discontinued bricks
  • disguising repair work
  • matching brick for an extension or new addition on your home
  • restoring aged brick and mortar
  • covering graffiti
  • removing flashing on mortar or grout
  • restoring aging buildings while keeping their heritage integrity
  • covering efflorescence

You can change the aesthetics of any existing masonry surface. Don’t like the look of your pink or white brick exterior anymore? Try a traditional red brick look…It will give your whole house a facelift and enhance its re-sale value significantly.

Finally, staining is also suitable for indoor projects like fireplaces and stone walls. In most cases, the stain is applied to one brick or stone at a time to ensure an authentic look. Mortar and brick naturally have varying tones and colour unlike a solid painted surface. So it’s important to approach the job in such a way that the result will look natural. If it’s an exterior job, the weather conditions are all-important. Ideally the stain should be applied in warmer weather, and the product should never be applied on damp or wet masonry.

Unlike paint that will eventually peel off over time, a stain will last well over 50 years. It can still be affected by substances such as acids or harsh environments, but again, unlike paint which adheres to the surface, a stain is embedded in the brick. As an added bonus, the stain is resistant to U.V. damage, frost and fungi.

A ballpark cost for staining is between $4-$7 per square foot. It can add up on large surfaces but the enhancement to the look of your home- inside or out- is priceless.

At Blueprint, our trained specialists have loads of expertise in this procedure. As always, feel free to give us a call.


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